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Cleanings & Checkups

Preserving your oral health with general dentistry is important not just for keeping your teeth in good shape but also for keeping serious health problems at bay. Waiting until you feel discomfort can have dire consequences. Regular checkups and cleanings give you the best chance of positively impacting your general health as well as your oral health since they can reveal problems in their earliest stages. At West Houston Dentistry, we provide dental checkups and cleanings to help you keep your mouth in its best condition.

Most dental problems start very small. For example, cavities start when bacteria begin to breakdown the enamel on the teeth. Caught early, a cavity will barely have a chance to form much less grow into a problem that puts the health of your teeth at risk. Gum disease begins with a minor buildup of plaque and tartar which can only be removed by special dental instruments designed to eradicate it. A professional cleaning removes the plaque and tartar and helps keep your gums healthy.

Your dental checkups and cleanings are your biggest defense against the problems that can compromise the health of your teeth, gums and general health. At West Houston Dentistry, we provide you with the opportunity to learn about the ways in which you can keep your mouth healthy and your teeth sound.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

Your oral health is important to us. Through our comprehensive dental exams, we make sure that any potential dental issues are brought to your attention. We then devise a treatment plan to address the problems. Comprehensive dental exams involve more than just looking for dental decay. With children, we check to make sure that teeth are growing in properly. With young adults, we keep an eye on wisdom teeth and address impaction problems before they get painful. We also screen for oral cancers. It is a simple, painless screening that only takes a few minutes but could save your life. At West Houston Dentistry, we make it a point to ensure that our patients know about, achieve and maintain their best oral health. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.