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It would be wonderful if everyone could go through life with all their natural teeth in mint condition. Unfortunately, that is seldom the case. Circumstances of various origins affect oral health and some people are doomed to lose all or most of their teeth. Even though this may happen, those missing teeth can be restored with dentures. West Houston Dentistry offers dentures for restoring your smile and your oral health.

Removable dentures provide you with the missing chewing surface you need in order to properly chew your food. They also provide you with a younger, healthier looking appearance. Even a few teeth missing can cause your face to have a gaunt, sunken-in look. Teeth support the facial muscles and when they are missing those muscles and associated soft tissues sag.

In addition to the toll missing teeth can take on your appearance, lack of teeth also affects your health. Studies have shown that people without any teeth have a higher incidence of chronic kidney disease. Even missing a few teeth can make it difficult to eat the healthy foods necessary for optimum general health. Are you missing out on your favorite meats and vegetables because you lack the teeth to chew them? Call West Houston Dentistry and let us remedy that for you.

Full & Complete Dentures

We can provide you with full dentures if you are missing all the teeth on either your lower or upper jaw. If you are missing all your teeth, we can make a complete set. You will be amazed at the difference in your appearance once you have a mouth full of teeth again. You will also be delighted to once again indulge in all your favorite foods without worrying whether or not you can chew them sufficiently.

Contact West Houston Dentistry today for a consultation appointment regarding your denture needs. We want to help restore an attractive smile for you and more importantly we want to help restore your ability to nourish your body with the proper nutrition. Eat well, look good and feel great with dentures from West Houston Dentistry.