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Root Canal Therapy

The discomfort an infected tooth can cause is not something you want to experience. However, if your tooth should become infected to that degree, West Houston Dentistry offers general dentistry that can help relieve the pain through root canal therapy.

Tooth decay begins on the surface of the tooth when bacteria builds up and their byproducts begin to eat away at the tooth enamel. This process takes a while because tooth enamel is very tough; it is actually harder than bone. If the decay is not addressed, it will eventually eat through the enamel and invade the softer inside part of the tooth called dentin. Because this layer is not as tough as the outside of the tooth, the decay can spread much faster.

As the decay gets nearer to the nerve center of the tooth, the pulp, some people may feel a little sensitivity with hot or cold beverages or foods. Once the pulp becomes involved, infection can cause an abscess to form and discomfort can reach excruciating levels. At this point, the only way to save the tooth from extraction is by performing root canal therapy.

Root Canals Offer Relief from Infected Teeth!

By the time the pulp has been attacked, the tooth is usually causing serious pain. Removing the nerve eliminates the pain. Root canal therapy necessitates cleaning out the canal of the tooth where the nerves are and draining the abscess. Once the nerves are removed, the tooth no longer causes any pain. The canals of the root are thoroughly cleaned with instruments designed to remove all bacteria and debris. A special filling material is placed in the canal to keep bacteria out then it is sealed off. The remainder of the decay in the tooth is cleaned out and the tooth is filled with an appropriate filling material.

Without root canal therapy, infected teeth would need to be extracted. When possible, it is always best to keep your natural teeth. If you have an infected tooth, do not wait any longer to get it taken care of. Contact our office today and make an appointment with West Houston Dentistry. We may be able to save your tooth with root canal therapy.