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Tooth Extractions

While we do all that we can with our general dentistry services to help our patients keep their natural teeth, situations arise where an extraction is the only healthy alternative. When you find yourself in that position, know that tooth extractions are performed with care and compassion at West Houston Dentistry. We understand how difficult it can be to lose a tooth so we do not take the matter lightly. When saving a tooth is not feasible and extraction is the only solution, we handle the procedure with your comfort and wellbeing as a top priority.

There are several reasons other than major decay that can lead to extraction of a tooth or teeth. For example, periodontal disease in advanced stages can loosen teeth to the point where they need to be pulled. Trauma to the mouth can also create a situation for extraction. In some cases it has to do with over-crowding of teeth. Whatever the reason at West Houston Dentistry we will see to it that you are comfortable and at ease when the procedure is to be done.

Most extractions are routine and tend to be relatively simple. When a tooth has three or more roots, such as the case with molars, the process may be a little more involved. Your dentist will examine your tooth and if necessary take an x-ray to help with the treatment plan. You will be advised as to how the extraction will be handled. Be sure to ask any questions you may have about the procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The final teeth to erupt are the wisdom teeth. Situated on the back of the jaw bone, these teeth usually come in during the later teen years or when a person is in early adulthood. While some people may have no problems with their wisdom teeth, these particular molars are notorious for coming in sideways, crooked or impacting the neighboring tooth. They can cause anywhere from mild to severe discomfort. Removal of wisdom teeth is one of the treatments we offer here at West Houston Dentistry.

To ensure that you have a smooth recovery from your tooth extraction, you will be given instructions for home care. Following these simple directions is important for a speedy and healthy recovery and a means to prevent complications from the extraction. If you have any questions about your extraction or recovery, do not hesitate to ask. Contact West Houston Dentistry today to schedule a consultation about a tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal.